"Never get too comfortable. Being too comfortable can kill you."

-Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)
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I miss you,
A little too much,
A little too often,
and a little more 
This is crazy! They are growing soo fast >.< LOL

Since J.Tune Camp revealed the teaser clip for TWO X Double Up, I’ve been reading all these bitter posts and comments by A+.
A FREAKING PLUS. What happened to our chic-fandom? Why are people freaking out just because MBLAQ has a sister group? I bet all my hair that if it was a boy group, there would be much less bitterness happening.
Why are there only a handful of people happy that the JTC family is getting bigger? Or am I weird? I’ve been waiting forever for JTC to debut another group, doesn’t matter if they’re girls or guys.
There are people who are jealous of TWO X.Jealous that they get to be MBLAQ’s juniors.Jealous that they’ll be spending time with MBLAQ.
Okay, I get some of it legit. But what?It’s not like you auditioned to be in JTC. It’s not like you were a backup dancer for YG. Not like you were featured in one of Rain’s song.
Does that give you the right to bash them even before they perform? Saying they don’t look pretty - c’mon, are you that shallow? 
Then there are those who think they shouldn’t perform Mona Lisa.
WHY? Why can’t they? Girls do dance covers of MBLAQ songs. And TWO X will have trained and practiced to perform it well. I’m actually really excited for it, but with all the hating, it feels like I’m being excited for the wrong thing.
As much as there is no obligation to support artists in the same company, these girls have barely debuted and you’re putting them down. 
Please people, hold your horses.
I can’t say I love TWO X. But I’m definitely happy that JTC has a new group.
If you’re hating/worried/jealous about MBLAQ hanging out with TWO X, well they probably already have. Comments like “MBLAQ’s going to be so happy”, or “Mir’s going to fanboy” - I’d think MBLAQ have already met them. 
Thank you for reading this longass rant. Probably not long enough.